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This database includes Department of Labor grants that were competitively awarded in 2011 and 2012. Grantees include nonprofit organizations, community colleges, workforce investment boards, and state and local governments.

- Click on the state below to learn about the grantees in your state.

- Visit the grantee web sites and reach out to the organization to determine how your community or group can connect to the funded projects.
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Modified OnCreated On
Alabama 334N/A   
Alaska 213N/A   
Arizona 353N/A   
Arkansas 276N/A   
California 575N/A   
Colorado 286N/A   
Connecticut 279N/A   
Delaware 227N/A   
District of Columbia 270N/A   
Florida 466N/A   
Georgia 368N/A   
Hawaii 215N/A   
Idaho 216N/A   
Illinois 490N/A   
Indiana 291N/A   
Iowa 234N/A   
Kansas 247N/A   
Kentucky 221N/A   
Louisiana 288N/A   
Maine 220N/A   
Maryland 321N/A   
Massachusetts 278N/A   
Michigan 320N/A   
Minnesota 275N/A   
Mississippi 230N/A   
Missouri 268N/A   
Montana 231N/A   
Nebraska 212N/A   
Nevada 224N/A   
New Hampshire 203N/A   
New Jersey 258N/A   
New Mexico 243N/A   
New York 370N/A   
North Carolina 303N/A   
North Dakota 213N/A   
Ohio 380N/A   
Oklahoma 223N/A   
Oregon 254N/A   
Pennsylvania 319N/A   
Puerto Rico 222N/A   
Rhode Island 225N/A   
South Carolina 259N/A   
South Dakota 207N/A   
Tennessee 271N/A   
Texas 393N/A   
Utah 196N/A   
Vermont 214N/A   
Virgin Islands 158N/A   
Virginia 287N/A   
Washington 258N/A   
West Virginia 226N/A   
Wisconsin 237N/A   
Wyoming 205N/A   

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