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Job clubs help the unemployed weather joblessness (OH) [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Posted by Ben Seigel - On January 02, 2015 (EST)

Job clubs help the unemployed weather joblessness

Published December 30, 2014

KENT, Ohio - Falling unemployment rates don't tell the entire story.
This far into the economic recovery, millions of Americans are still struggling to escape unemployment and underemployment.
Job clubs shouldn't be overlooked for the role they could play in putting people back to work, said Diana Miller, who founded the Community Job Club, based in the Stow-Kent area, in 2009.
The Labor Department estimates there are 10,000 job clubs in the United States. Most are informal efforts, meeting a few times a month, in places like church basements and the community rooms at local libraries and recreation centers.
Many think of stemming joblessness in terms of national policies and programs. But Miller believes there also needs to be a community-based, grassroots effort to end unemployment. This includes the peer support and job search skills the Community Job Club provides. But she said it should also include a concerted effort to strengthen - and more often create - connections between communities and employers with the goal of hiring residents.
"Businesses say they can't find talent," Miller said. "I say, 'There is talent in your own back yard, but nobody knows how to connect.'"

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