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Career Network Ministry Handbook

Posted by Ashley Gerwitz - On July 13, 2011 (EST)

The Career Network Ministry Handbook addresses topics such as the following:

-The role of prayer in finding a new job
-Identifying your life’s purpose and direction by discovering your strengths, spiritual gifts and personal traits
-Establishing a marketing strategy through research, improved communication skills and effective resumes
-Making use of both traditional and non-traditional approaches to job searches, through the use of the internet, recruiters, associations and accountability groups
-Preparation and follow-up for interviews
-Responding to offers of employment, including salary negotiation
-Dealing with depression and disappointment while unemployed

Resources in the CNM Handbook include the following:
-Worksheet for determining spiritual gifts
-Worksheet on personal traits
Sample resumes
-Sample cover letters
-Informational interview sample questions
-Sample questions encountered in interviews
-Sample approaches to salary negotiation
-Sample thank-you letter
-Worksheet for use in salary negotiation
-Sample letter rejecting an offer
-Listing of books to help in career transition

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