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HELP!!! Starting a NEW job club

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on Jul 19,2013 03:49PM
I am starting a new job club as part of my Americorp VISTA assignment this year. I have no idea where to go, where to start, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and lost..Can anyone help?


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on Jul 22,2013 09:40AM
Congrats on your plan to start a job club as a VISTA. At the Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships we have been working with CNCS to encourage AmeriCorps members to get involved in job clubs. There are some great resources on this web site that can help you. Here are a few direct links:

Job Club How To Toolkits

Blog Post on How to Run a Job Club

Job Club Materials and Hand Outs

Hope this helps and best of luck. Keep us all posted.

Ben Seigel
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