Faith Based & Neighborhood Partnerships


The Department of Labor's Job Clubs Initiative was featured in a 2014 year end report issued by the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. The report, titled, "Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships: Year of Action Highlights" includes 14 initiatives across the federal government. The Job Clubs Initiative's efforts to support and reemploy the long-term unemployed leads off the report.

In October, the Department of Labor and the White House announced a suite of new resources and investments for addressing long-term unemployment. Job clubs play an important role in all of these new announcements.

The Department of Labor announced $170 million in grants to public-private partnerships under the Ready to Work Partnerships grant program. In at least four of the 23 new grants, job clubs are included as key partners for reaching, supporting, and serving long-term unemployed workers. Read about the new grants, including a list of the new grantees.

The Department of Labor also issued a Training and Employment Notice to the public workforce system, encouraging the system to increase services to long-term unemployed workers and identifying promising practices and resources. Job club partnerships were identified as a promising practice in the guidance. Read the guidance.

Finally, Deloitte Consulting in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation released new handbooks on long-term unemployment. First is a handbook that provides useful information and a how-to guide for employers to increase their talent pool by better targeting and hiring qualified long-term unemployed individuals. This resource was informed directly by companies that are already implementing these practices. Second is a handbook for long-term unemployed job seekers, which includes information for job seekers about the value of job clubs and how to find local job clubs. And third is a handbook for communities seeking to increase opportunities for the long-term unemployed. Read about and download the handbooks.