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Guest Blog: Crossroads Career Network Offers Free Career Ministry Package to Job Clubs

by Tim Krauss, Volunteer CEO, Crossroads Career Network

On the 9/20/13 Jobs Clubs Webinar, we announced a Free Career Ministry Package for Job Clubs interested in starting or growing a faith-based approach to job and career search. 


What’s in the Package?


Crossroads Career Network is a national nonprofit membership of churches, community groups, schools and professionals helping people find jobs, careers and God’s calling. 


The Package includes both Career and Ministry online resources immediately available to USDOL affiliated Job Clubs with a quick and simple online registration.


Career Resources

-   70-page Crossroads Career Work Book

-   Personal Career Management Dashboard

-   Over 200 Online Career Resources

-  Job Searching and Resume Posting

-   Free Job Posting for Employers

-  Online Prayer Network


Ministry Resources

-  Group Leader Guide

-  Ministry Newsletter Emailed Monthly

-  Video Introduction to Career Ministry

-  Workshop Resources

o    Facilitator Guide and Video

o    Customizable Power Point for Workshop

o    Workshop Handouts: Sign-in and Evaluation

o    Short Videos: Resume and Interview


Why Faith-based and Free?


We believe everybody needs career ministry, because everyone gets vocationally sick sometime.  Those who are unemployed or underemployed are especially at risk.  Since God made us masterpieces for good works, faith in God can bring healing, hope and help. 


Why free?  Over the past year, we worked hard to bring the best of “high tech and high touch” career ministry resources.  We want to share with all Job Clubs because we don’t believe in competing.  We believe in completing.  We are all better together.  That’s why we are offering a basic career ministry package for free through the end of 2013, so that any job club can start and grow job and career search services with a faith-based approach.


More Career Ministry Resources?


Crossroads Career Network also publishes Crossroads Career Work Books in print and for e-readers.  Job clubs can join the network via annual membership and receive the complete menu of ministry resources and direct connection with all Crossroads Career members for best practice sharing.  For larger organizations, we also offer customized website development with job connection technology to engage employers and build local community. 


If you have questions, call 800-941-3566 or email 


Tim assumed the role of Volunteer CEO for Crossroads Career Network in October 2012. He is also the creator and developer of the Job Connection, a Web application that connects 70,000 job seekers and 10,000 employers through churches, ministries and colleges. Tim understands the plight of today’s jobseeker having moved 25 times and held 18 different positions throughout his career, including one as a pastor. This experience serves as his passion behind Job Connection and now Crossroads Career Network. Tim holds a BS in Marketing and Management from LeTourneau University, as well as a Masters in Management from Minot State University.


Guest Blog: September 20 Webinar with Crossroads Career Network

CCN leaders to share resources for job clubs on webinar

by Brian Ray, Founder, Crossroads Career Network

NOTE: This webinar has already taken place. To view the presentaiton from the webinar, click here.

At the White House Forum on Job Clubs last fall, Tim Krauss and I announced our agreement to integrate his Job Connection online with our Crossroads Career Network locations.  The purpose was to “combine the best of high-tech and high-touch ministry” for a faith-based network of job clubs, and to offer career ministry resources to any interested group connected to the Department of Labor’s Job Clubs Initiative.  


Exactly one year to the day after the White House forum, the Department of Labor Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships is hosting Tim and I for a webinar on Friday, September 20 at 1pm eastern time about our career ministry resources.


Why Faith-Based Job Clubs?

Let me share an email I got last night from one of our career ministry leaders:


“LAUGH WITH THOSE WHO LAUGH. It was a great night at iWork.  It began with a cake.  This is Wilma Ortiz. She got the job she's wanted last Friday.  She brought a great cake and a better testimony.  She spoke of keeping the Lord first in her life through this process.


Newly hired Wilma Ortiz and her celebration cake!


We also had two iWork alumni return and bring unemployed guests.  It is always good to see our thriving and working alumni come back.  And then there is Glenn Anderson. He came for a year in 2012. He came back tonight, thrilled with the fact that he now has a job and he is no longer homeless. He said he is going to continue to come even though he has a job because he "loves this place."  We had a very big praise tonight that Layla went to church with Ed and Margaret on Sunday.  We had a great devotion from Rick about the life of Joseph. And we had a full house.” 

- Jim Carow, Idlewild Baptist Church, Lutz FL


I celebrated in the quiet of my office for Wilma, Jim, and other faith-based job clubs, especially when 60% of those who are unemployed or underemployed say that they have no hope of finding a job, according to Gallup CEO Jim Clifton in his recent book, The Coming Jobs War.  I am at times overwhelmed at the enormity of the need and opportunity.  Check these stats:


-        Over 150 million people in the workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

-        Over 20 million unemployed or underemployed (such as working part-time while desiring full-time work), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

-         Just 47% of Americans are satisfied with their jobs, according to The Conference Board’s Job Satisfaction Survey.

-         Over 70% of workers are unengaged in their work, according to Clifton’s The Coming Jobs War.


Career ministries are an important part of the workforce community. They help people find jobs, careers and God’s calling.  It’s not only about providing career and job search counsel and contacts, but also encouragement and caring accountability.  It’s about career transition and life transformation.  It’s important because God is alive and well in America.  Check these stats:


-         91% of Americans say they believe in God, according to Frank Newport’s book, God is Alive and Well.

-        About 6 in 10 Americans say religion can answer life’s problems, also according to Newport.


What role can the church play?


February 2009 Lifeway Research survey of 1,000 Protestant churches nationwide found that 31% were considering creating or expanding ministries for the unemployed.  Sixty-two percent had been approached for help by persons from their community, while 31% had been approached by their own church members.


The Society of Human Resources and The Wall street Journal Search Tactics poll from 2001 showed that “places of worship” was cited by 48% of jobseekers, and 24% of HR professionals as a source of finding jobs and candidates.


If a faith-based approach to job and career search looks like a good idea to you, please join us on Friday, September 20. Please visit here for login and dial-in instructions for the webinar or click on the Calendar link above. 


Brian led development and launch of the Crossroads Career Network from 2000-2002 and served as Volunteer CEO from 2008–2012. He is now Volunteer Chairman of the board of directors. Brian is also the founder of Primus Consulting, a retained executive search consulting firm focused on organizations having the right leaders in the right roles. Formerly, Brian was Vice President and Executive Committee Member of the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain, where he was responsible for Human Resources, Operator Ventures and Administration. He is the author of marketplace ministry resources: Maximizing Your Career, Real Success at Work, New Job Jump Start and The Mastery of Leadership.